a close-up of Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries® cerealPuns

Did you hear how Cap'n Crunch® died?

various dry beans in sack cloth bagsPuns

Why do legumes gossip so much?

a slice of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese on a wooden cutting board surrounded by basil and tomatoesPeople

Which celebrity is a cheese expert?

two Mallard ducks are flying side-by-sidePuns

What birds always travel in twos?

a caddy of various cleaning supplies, including soap, sponges, gloves, spray, etc.Education

Why was the janitor looking for cleaning products in the math department?

many potato chips are spaced out on a blue surfaceAnimals

Which forest animal loves to eat Lay's®?

a woman in a yellow jacket makes a grimace while she plugs her earsAnimals

What animal always gets on everyone's nerves?

a soccer ball goes into the goal netSports

Why was the soccer player so good at keeping her house clean?

five light-colored ferrets are lined up on a white backgroundFamily

Why do baby ferrets never get in trouble?

a man dressed in 1970s fashion is dancing in front of a psychedelic orange backgroundPuns

Why were dancers in the '70s always sick?

a white and tan spotted pony appears to smile at the cameraAnimals

Why couldn't the pony speak at the convention?