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Did you hear about the country giving free bread to its citizens?

It was a generous dough-nation.

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a yellow duckling stands on top of open books on a deskAnimals

What do you call a waterfowl that reads Herman Melville?



Who are crows' favorite family members?



Why did the pumpkin give up acting?

Its dreams were squashed.

a child dressed up in a cardboard rocket ship costume stands next to a cardboard robotScience

Why do rocket scientists take everything so seriously?

Because they understand the gravity of the situation.


Why was the bud so shy?

It just hadn't blossomed yet.


What kind of gift do you get for the World's Best Dentist?

A little plaque.


What has a lot more letters than the alphabet?

The post office.


How are you liking that anti-gravity book?

It's impossible to put down!

a large orange tiger runs through powdery snowAnimals

Why couldn't the tiger run any faster in the race?

Because his opponent had him by the tail.


What is a condiment's favorite holiday?

Cinco de Mayo.


What do you get if you cross a woodpecker with a carrier pigeon?

A bird who knocks before delivering its message.

an elegant, lavish bedroom decorated in various shades of cream and ivoryPuns

What do you call a rich person's bedroom?

A gold mine.

a nurse wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope, holds a clipboard and smiles at the cameraProfessional

Why was the nurse afraid of camping?

Because there was so much poison IV.


What is a sea monster's favorite meal?

Fish and ships.


Why did the professor write on the window?

She wanted the lesson to be clear.

a person's hand holds a missing piece from a white puzzle, with the words "lies" and "true" writtenAnimals

Which big cat never tells the truth?

A lie-on.